Newsletter for March 2010
Greetings Lion,

The beginning of 2010 has demonstrated the great resolve of Lions around the world. Through the commitment of each of you, our Foundation has once again answered the call of those in greatest need.
Maureen and I thank you for joining us in our efforts to rebuild communities impacted by the earthquake in Haiti, Chile and others facing great devastation. As a result of Lions' goodwill, LCIF continues to garner publicity and raise awareness of its humanitarian service around the world, further demonstrating our role as a leading organization.
All of this is possible through the generous donations you make. I would encourage you to contact LCIF so they can assist you with providing recognition. By showing support for the Foundation, you provide hope to people worldwide.
Together, we will continue to serve those who need it most.
We Serve,
Al Brandel
LCIF Chairperson
Providing Support after Disasters
The recent earthquakes in Haiti and Chile have demonstrated the commitment of Lions worldwide to helping those impacted by great devastation. LCIF responds quickly to give those affected the aid they need. The Foundation has awarded four emergency grants, each for US$10,000, for relief efforts in Chile. In Haiti, more than US$3 million has been mobilized to support immediate and long-term needs. Housing for 3,000 people has been established in the Port-au-Prince neighborhoods of Delmas, Blanchard and Carrefour-Feuille and an additional 240 tents are being sent to the region. The need will be great for years to come in both countries, and LCIF's long-term involvement guarantees that communities will be rebuilt. For the most current news updates, visit the LCIF Web site.
Lions Quest Continues Growth
This year marks a number of milestones for Lions Quest, as the 25-year anniversary concludes at convention in Sydney, Australia. Lions Quest recently expanded into three new countries, including Bulgaria, Mauritius and the Philippines, at the January Lions Quest Advisory Committee (LAC) meeting. In total, 12 grants were approved for US$506,450 at the LAC. This brings the program closer to President Wirf's goal of being in 60 countries worldwide by the end of this year.

Another major milestone for Lions Quest is the US$10,000 grant recently awarded to the program by the Chicago, Illinois, USA, division of Bank of America based on its positive presence in the Chicago Public School system. Lions Quest, a program for grades K through 12, recently entered schools in Chicago as part of a movement to develop students' social-emotional learning.  
New Year, New Look for LCIF
It's an exciting time for LCIF, as the debut of the new look for LCIF is unveiled. For more than a year, LCIF has been working with a marketing consulting firm to develop a refined image for the Foundation. The implementation phase is in full swing, which includes the development of new brochures, posters and other materials to reflect an updated image. View a video about the updated image and logos online.
SightFirst Grants Approved
At the January SightFirst Advisory Committee meeting, 15 grants were approved for a total of US$4.1 million. This includes two grants for new countries to the SightFirst Program: Central African Republic and Burundi. This brings the number of countries conducting SightFirst supported projects to 102. View the full list of recently awarded grants.

Celebrate LCIF at Sydney Convention
Lions will have many opportunities to support LCIF at the upcoming International Convention . The Foundation will be giving seminars, hosting events and staffing a booth. Convention is the perfect time to find out more on initiatives of LCIF, learn about new ways to support your Foundation and meet LCIF staff. In addition, tickets to the Melvin Jones Fellowship luncheon are now available and can be purchased on-line.

To celebrate the conclusion of Lions Quest's 25-year anniversary, Q Bear, the program's mascot, will be at the LCIF booth for Lions to take a picture with by donating to the program. In addition, a life-size Q Bear will be auctioned off to the most enthusiastic Lions Quest supporter, with the highest bid. All proceeds will benefit the Lions Quest program.
Memorial Kits Available
Making a memorial gift to LCIF is the perfect way to honor a loved one's commitment to Lions and humanitarian service when they pass away. LCIF now has kits available for memorial services, which include memorial donation forms. For more information about LCIF memorial donation kits, please contact Donor Assistance.
New Foundation Materials 
Annual Report
The 2008-2009 LCIF annual report is now available in all languages to download online. It highlights the Foundation's many successes over the last year.

SightFirst Executive Summary
A brand new publication, the SightFirst Executive Summary, is now available online to download.

New Look for Overview Publication
LCIF's most popular overview brochure, LCIF at a Glance, has undergone an image refresh, to support the new design. The updated LCIF at a Glance is now available for download on-line.

Complete Your MJF Before the Year's End
Each year, Lions around the world show their support to LCIF by making a donation toward a Melvin Jones Fellowship (MJF). As the end of Lions year 2009-2010 quickly approaches, take the opportunity to complete your MJF. Contact LCIF Donor Assistance to complete your MJF today.  

LCIF Committed to Relief Efforts
after Earthquakes

March 4, 2010

Dear Lion,

I am sure you were equally shocked when you learned of the 8.8 magnitude earthquake that struck Chile. As with the Haiti earthquake and other past natural catastrophes, LCIF responds quickly to ensure those impacted get the aid they need, but the Foundation is also committed to long-term relief.

Our efforts continue in Haiti, where Maureen and I visited last week. We were amazed  to see what the Lions of Haiti are doing to restore stability to their country a
nd know that the Lions of Chile will bring the same service to their communities.

Together, we are all working to bring hope to the people affected, displaced and suffering.


Al Brandel
LCIF Chairperson

Responding to the Chilean Earthquake
LCIF is committed to bringing aid to communities impacted by the recent earthquake in Chile. The earthquake is one of the largest ever recorded, resulting in more than 800 deaths and leaving 2 million people displaced. Three emergency grants have already been awarded, each for US$10,000, to Districts T-1, T-2 and T-3 in Chile. District T-3 includes the city of Concepcion, one of the hardest hit areas in the country. Visit the LCIF Web site for the latest news.

Lion Shares His Story
"I am really happy to be a Lion and be a part of the response of Lions International to the disaster in Haiti. As part of my contribution, both as a Lion and an Environmental Health Specialist, I was in Haiti for seven days to assist in the delivery of health care and the distribution of food. It was quite a sobering experience, and I hope to continue to lend my expertise to the people of Haiti."

Lion Lorenzo, Jamaica

Tent Cities Give Haitian People Home, Hope
Three tent cities, housing 3,000 people total, have been
established in the Port-au-Prince neighborhoods of Delmas, Blanchard and Carrefour-Feuille and an additional 240 tents are being sent to the region. Lions are now working to fully equip these tent cities with sanitation, kitchens and health clinics. Still, the creation of more permanent housing is becoming increasingly important as the rainy season approaches. The need will be great for many more years to come, and LCIF's long-term efforts ensure that communities, lives and families will be rebuilt.

Partnering Furthers Immediate and Long-term Impact  
Lions are working with local leaders, government officials and other non-governmental organizations (NGO) in Haiti to further leverage our immediate and long-term impact. While on a visit to Haiti last week, Chairperson Brandel, along with other Lions leadership, met with the United States Ambassador to Haiti, the Mayor of Port-au-Prince and other NGOs. They all pledged their support to Lions' efforts. LCIF's experience in rebuilding communities after past natural catastrophes has shown the importance of establishing partnerships for the long-term.

Multiple Districts Supporting Disaster Relief Efforts
To all of you who have so generously supported relief efforts in Haiti, thank you. A number of multiple districts have made significant contributions to demonstrate their commitment to helping rebuild Haiti.

  • MD 112, Belgium, US$190,000
  • MD 116, Spain, US$100,000
  • MD 104, Norway, US$86,000
  • Lions in New England, U.S., US$60,000
  • MD 110, Netherlands, US$42,000
  • MD 107, Finnish Lions Association, US$57,000
  • MD 51, Puerto Rico, US$33,000
  • MD 330, Japan, US$32,000
To view a full listing of generous individual, club, district and multiple district support to LCIF's Haiti Earthquake Relief fund, visit the Lions respond page on-line.
Make a Donation, Support LCIF Disaster Relief
Continued support is needed to ensure that LCIF can provide immediate disaster relief when disasters like the Haiti and Chilean earthquakes strike. Donate on-line and help bring hope to those in need.
Your Donation Can Provide
Water, Food and Clothing:
$25 - $50
First Aid/Medicines:

$100 - $250
Re-build and Establish Community Infrastructure:

$500 - $1,000
Help Our Long-term Rebuilding Efforts:

Message from Haitian Lion
View a message from William Eliacin, Zone Chairperson, Haiti, asking for Lions worldwide to support LCIF's Haiti relief efforts.
The Foundation continues to promote LCIF's relief efforts in Haiti and Chile to both Lions and the general public. To see a full listing of media coverage, visit the publicity page of the Web site.
Haiti Materials

News Updates
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To receive a DVD of the Haiti video, please contact LCIF