Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Eye Donation Fortnight

Our District organised Eye Donation campaign by conducting awareness camps, collecting eye ball pairs, distributing eye pledge forms, releasing media reports, distributing eye donation campaign flexi banners, posters, handbills. WE are proud that our district clubs have motivated many people to donate eyes and bring sight to the needy blind persons.
Till date we have collected 215 pairs of eye balls. Kudos to Lion Kola Anna Reddy, District Chairman eye donations and to all the President's for motivating the family members of the deceased.

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Multiple PRO said...

Very good blog. Keep it up and continue to update;otherwise interest is lost. Encourage clubs to keep sending reports on activities soon after the completion. You may please update immediately. This will create interest among members and the other clubs get enthused to take up such activities. ...K.Govind Raj, Multiple District 324C Chairperson for Public Relations and Lions Information.